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is an Illustrator based in the Philippines

I am a self-taught Illustrator and Graphic Artist based in a northern coastal province in the Philippines, South East Asia. I began my journey in art at a very young age but only started to hone my skills through online tutorials in 2015.  That same year, alongside teaching full-time as a public school teacher, I began accepting freelance work from both local and international clients for an extra income. In 2016, I began submitting my works to in which some of my artworks have won awards and were picked up for sale. They are now mainly sold as event cards, stationery and art prints. Lately, some of my artworks were featured and sold by Target under its collaboration with Minted.

I trained myself to be flexible, given the diverse client demands that I have to meet as a freelance graphic artist and illustrator. I can do both minimalist and maximalist artworks as well as rustic and geometric. While I specialize in using digital software, some of my works were also created using traditional media such as watercolor, gouache and oil paints. In general, nonetheless, I personally prefer my works to be stylized, whimsical, and colorful.

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